The Cat and The Whale

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Once a striped Cat sitting on a deserted beach saw a Whale approaching the coast and thought:

– Wow! What a big fish! I wish I’d catch it!

The Cat climbed up a steep nearby, waited for a moment, and jumped onto the Whale’s back, scratching and jumping on him. The Whale turned and quickly carried the Cat to the sea, masterly dodging between the waves.

The Cat suddenly stood still and understood he would not manage to reach the coast by himself. The Whale carried him so far away, there was not coast to see, only a thin strip on the horizon, which then disappeared. The Cat snatched at the Whale’s back tightly and did not know what to do. It gazed down and saw blood on the Whale’s back from his scratches. The whole blue back of the Whale was covered with scarlet scratches. And then the Cat decided to make the Whale to his friend, so that the Whale would bring it back to the coast. The Cat settled himself down and began to lick the wounds inflicted by him. The Whale rumbled too loud, so that the Cat shuddered, but continued to lick the scratches.

And then the Cat became thoughtful. Why had not the Whale plunged under water, which could have saved him from scratches and destroyed the Cat?

The Cat was ashamed. He understood that the Whale carried him on the sea to show open spaces that were native for the Whale. He understood that the Whale has become his friend from the very beginning. The Cat recollected as they swam by a multi-coloured fish shoal several times, saw a remote small island and rounded many amazing places, while the Cat was jumping on the Whale’s back and scratching.

The Cat liked the Whale. He did not know how to make amends to this kind fatty that has not even tried to throw the Cat down.

“Very strange fish”, – the Cat thought and felt his eyes were heavy. The sun warmed the air and the Cat felt sleepy. He rolled himself into a ball on the Whale’s back and fell asleep.

When the Cat woke up, the Whale has already brought him back to the coast. As they approached the beach, the Cat jumped down in water, swam up to the coast, shook himself, and looked at the Whale. The latter started to swim away and waved the Cat with his tail, and the Cat saw a fathomless smiling eye flashing in water.

For some reason the Cat was sure the Whale would come to meet him again on the following day. And the Cat will come to this strange meeting and will put forth across the sea.

The Cat did not know the Whale wanted to beach himself, but the meeting with the Cat made him happy. The Whale has never got any friends before, because he was very shy.

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