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The Dandelion Tea

In a big town far away, there lived a liar. He was particularly fond of deceiving and earned a lot of money by practising that. He always lied very convincingly, and there hadn’t been a living soul who wouldn’t have believed him. Once he learned that not far off his

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The Red Door

The Red Door

story Apr 10, 2017

Thousands of people came to the Devil daily. Someone he took in with a welcoming embrace, another one – reluctantly and idly. Each of them had one or a few sins the Devil, just like a priest, had heard of a million times. Someone regularly stole, someone killed somebody, someone

The Gown of Orchids

The Gown of Orchids

story Mar 30, 2017

Samuel has made up his mind. At long last, he would succeed at winning the heart of the Princess. He’s been fond of Christabella for a long time, but has never dared to approach her, as she was the fairest beauty in town. The most enviable suitors sought her hand

The Girl from The Sunny Field

I was walking by a wheat field; her eyes drew me to her, and I stopped. There was a girl seating in the middle of the field and playing with some colorful glass stones. She was making figures with the stones: a dog, a cat, and when I stopped, she