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The Finch-Girl

Once upon a time, there lived a girl in a northern country, the girl both nimble-legged and beautiful. Yet she was most reluctant to get married. Numerous men were coming to woo her, but she remained adamant. She fled for the woods as soon as she knew that another suitor

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The Cat and The Whale

Once a striped Cat sitting on a deserted beach saw a Whale approaching the coast and thought: – Wow! What a big fish! I wish I’d catch it! The Cat climbed up a steep nearby, waited for a moment, and jumped onto the Whale’s back, scratching and jumping on him.

Chips-and-Sawdust Sandwich

Vincent the beaver took great pride in how aptly he was able to use his teeth. Vincent’s personal record was known to all his friends: three seconds per pencil, precisely. He knew perfectly how to nibble at a pencil lightning-fast so that the pencil’s lead would come out clean, without